Autodelta Sliding Block Kit – Alfaholics Production

£2,995.00 GBP (ex vat)


We have gone to great lengths to make this premium quality sliding block kit due to the poor fit and quality of the current European reproduction kit. We have taken a genuine original Autodelta kit, laser scanned all the parts to create CAD models to manufacture all the parts very accurately. The aluminium castings are of very high quality (one of the worst aspects of the European kit) and we have added our logo discretely into each cast part into a surface that is not easily seen when installed. Doing this enables our kit to be identified so future owners know they have got Alfaholics quality and also ensures that our parts can never be passed off as genuine original. The machining of the slider guides and block are very precisely toleranced to ensure optimum clearance for both smooth movement and to ensure they are not too rattily, this tolerance is the most important part of the whole system and why our kits are supplied as a complete matching kit. The kit is supplied with motorsport quality rose joints, stiffening plates to add to the boot floor (just as Autodelta did)and all the bolts to install the assembly. Buy Alfaholics, buy the best!

Complete the installation with our specific Autodelta type sliding block axle casing, which we offer in either aluminium or magnesium listed in ‘related products’ below.

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