Fully Adjustable 2 1/4 Small Spring (Kit)

£450.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Upgrade Options

  • 2 1/4 Springs
  • Titanium Pivot Pin (1kg Weight Saving)

Product Information

Full race 2 1/4″ small spring kit designed to be used on all models of 105 series Alfas. Designed using CAD & CAM this spring kit does not require the use of a spring pan or a heavy full size Alfa style spring. This constitutes a weight saving of 4.2kg per corner! It bolts directly to the outer spring pan holes on the standard wishbone.

Features fully adjustable threaded spring platform allowing the front ride height to be altered quickly and easily without removing the spring. This also allows a finer more accurate control when corner weighting the car, essential for shaving the last few tenths off lap times and for improving drivability. This gives all the benefits of a coil over unit without any of the structural problems of mounting a coil-over unit to the inner wing. The pivot pin design has recently been updated to include the front anti-roll bar fixing; thus our rose jointed anti-roll bar drop link directly fits this pivot pin; this results in further weight saving and improved simplicity of design.

What’s Included

  • Priced per kit but supplied without springs although we can supply these if required. Please call to discuss the optimum spring rate and length.

Technical Details

ModelsAll 105 / 115 series cars
Weight Saving4.2kg (per corner) over factory fitted
FinishHard anodising (mounts)