Alfaholics Adjustable Blade Rear Anti-Roll Bar

£545.00 GBP (ex vat)


Superb CAD design. Adjustable via rotatable blades, this makes adjustment incredibly simple and fast, requiring no unbolting of components or jacking of vehicle. A mere loosening of an extremely accessible bolt is all that is required to adjust, so can be performed in the pit lane. This also makes the bar infinitely adjustable between full stiff and full soft.

It is mounted under the front of the trailing arms, permitting fitment even if aftermarket axle linkages such as Watts, Panhard or Mumford are used, which usually add huge compexity to rear bar fitment.

The kit comes complete with mounting brackets, PTFE lined rose joints, 12.9 tensile cap head bolts and nyloc nuts – ready to fit.

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