Alfaholics Power Steering Conversion – 105 / 115

£5,995.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

Fits into the original steering column and is concealed from view under the dashboard. Built using a new steering box.

The system is speed-sensitive (by taking a pulse from the speedo cable) and is therefore able to provide increased assistance at low speeds when parking and manoeuvring. As the road speed increases, the assistance gradually reduces until it reaches a minimal level by 30mph/50kmh, so as to retain the lovely Alfa steering feel. Torque sensors in the steering column continually feed data to the electronic control unit in order to apply the optimum level of assistance, according to the road speed and steering input from the driver. There is also a safeguard built into the system whereby assistance is limited if the road wheel encounters a solid object, such as being parked up against a high kerb, thereby preventing damage to the steering box.

We originally developed this system for the Spider-R V6 project and were so impressed with the results is an option for all GTA-R builds.

The conversion is carried out using a new steering box and in conjunction with a full steering box rebuild using our CNC machined billet casing for additional strength. This is particularly important, given the well known cracking issues that affect the cast aluminium casings. We require your aluminium column switch mounting shroud in order to complete the conversion and mount the motor. When refitting, a small modification is required to be made to the box section under the dash to clear the motor, so the installation should be carried out by a competent engineer.

What’s Included

  • 1x New Steering Box
  • 1x Alfaholics Billet Aluminium Steering Box Casing
  • 1x Complete Precision Rebuild With Billet Casing
  • New Gaskets, Seal & Bushings
  • 1x Electric Power Steering System With ECU

Technical Details

Models All 105 Series
Material (casing)Billet Aerospace Grade Aluminium
Weight (casing)2.1kg
Power Steering System Speed-Sensitive System Controlled By Speedo Cable & ECU