GTA-R Billet Door Hinge Set

£1,075.00 GBP (ex vat)


CNC machined billet aerospace grade aluminium door hinges, 3D laser scanned from NOS original parts for beautiful accuracy of design features. Factory hinges are now pretty much all 50 years old, they have been rebushed, often several times, they have often been bent and damaged, cracked and bores worn oval. This significantly reduces the shut quality of the doors and can create alignment and body clearance issues, not what you need to be using in your expensive restoration. The substandard quality of the reproduction sand cast hinges make using those also an unsatisfactory solution for a high quality restoration, and directly resulted in us manufacturing these billet hinges. The hinges come as a set of 4, in clear anodized finish and are sup[plied with a full set of 32 bolts and a selection of shims allow you to shim door angle easily as part of your body restoration/reassembly. As fitted to all new GTA-R restorations.

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