Alfaholics Interior Trim Strips

£795.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

We have gone to the lengths of manufacturing these special GTA thin inner panel trim strips, as the original ones are very fragile and consequently are either missing or badly damaged. These trims were originally made from a drawn stainless steel section and fitted with weak bend-over tabs for location, making it very difficult to ensure the strip fits tightly to the door panel. This makes them prone to getting bent and torn off.

By laser scanning an original component, we were able to reverse engineer a CAD model and thereby machine these new strips from 7000 series polished aluminium. As they are machined from billet, they are not only much stronger than original but we have also been able to design a proper threaded fixing method. This allows them to fit more neatly to the door panel to avoid them getting caught and damaged. Supplied as a complete set of 8 parts for the 1/4 cards, door cards and 3/4 cards, packaged in specially routed out polystyrene for ease and security of international transport.

What’s Included

  • 1x Interior trim strip set

Technical Details