Chassis Leg Stiffening Kit

£275.00 GBP (ex vat)


This kit greatly stiffens the front chassis legs on all 105/115 series Alfa models, which is a renowned weak point on the cars. When restoring body shells, we often observe cracked or squashed front chassis legs, and this no doubt contributes to the propensity of these cars cracking steering box cases. We developed this kit originally for our GTA-R and race car builds, but now install these on virtually all our restorations.

These plates are laser cut from the same T45 grade steel that we use in our rollcages, which has far stiffer properties than normal bodywork steel, thus greatly improving the rigidity of these plates. We pre-cut holes throughout the plate to ensure you can puddle weld the entire plate to the chassis leg for maximum rigidity. A must for any full restoration!

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