Alfaholics Carbon Fibre Door – Late

£2,750.00 GBP (ex vat)


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  • Pair of GTA-R Door Seals

2.9KG. Proper ‘pre-preg’carbon fibre component resulting in a super lightweight and rigid door. Manufactured from high quality moulds taken from a lacquered finish new old stock steel door. Exact copy of original 2nd series door with wire lifter style window mechanisms with all correct original fixings, including wheels for the wires. This means this door can be built up with all original door mechanisms resulting in a very lightweight door but with no compromise to usability or wind noise – the ultimate door for the fast road/trackday market! Represents a 9KG weight saving over an original steel (European version) door. This door (unlike some carbon door productions) includes every single factory internal stiffening bracket which are critical to control the alignment of the a-pillar and thus door to bodyshell, this makes the door twice as time consuming to manufacture, but we consider this work critical to get a finished door of the right quality.

We recommend converting away from traditional GT door seals to a knock on door seal (similar to Saloon/Spider), the lightweight doors do not have the required inertia to shut a stiff factory type door seal. Moving to a knock on door seal will result in Spider (and dare we say Porsche!) quality door shut. We have bespoke made a special extrusion to get exactly the profile size and foam construction we want for our GTA-R builds and have this available to purchase as an add on to your door order.

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