Evans Power Cool 180

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A specially formulated waterless coolant with a boiling point of 180 degrees C!  Designed for aluminium engines, this is perfect for use in all Alfa Romeo Nord and Twin Spark engines.  We have been running Evans Power Cool 180 in our own cars for some time and it has performed superbly.  It is even possible to remove the radiator cap at operating temperature and there is no pressurisation!

The very high boiling point not only means that the engine will never boil over, but it also promotes better thermal stability across the engine and cooling system.  One of the problems with traditional water based coolants is the localised boiling that can occur close to the combustion chamber – a particular issue on tuned engines.  The resulting steam cannot conduct the excess heat into the cooling system effectively and this leads to hotspots in the engine, increasing susceptibility to detonation.  None of this is apparent from the water temperature gauge of course, as the sender is positioned on the inlet manifold.  Evans Power Cool 180 eliminates these hotspots and therefore promotes better heat transfer into the cooling system where is can be dissipated by the radiator.Evans Power Cool 180 also has a number of other benefits:

No corrosion
Water based coolants contain oxygen and this permits oxidation (rusting) of components in the engine.  Evans Power Cool 180 does not contain oxygen and therefore corrosion cannot occur.

No pressure
Water based coolants all generate a certain level of pressurisation in the cooling system which must be maintained by a pressure cap in order to prevent boiling.  Evans Power Cool 180 generates minimal pressure, thereby relieving strain on the head gasket, radiator and all the hoses in the cooling system.

No liner pitting
Liner pitting results from rapid formation and collapse of steam bubbles on the surface of the material which, over time, can result in severe erosion of the liner.  Since Evans Power Cool 180 does not form vapour bubbles, problems with liner pitting are eliminated.

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Evans Power Cool 180

Evans Power Cool 180

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