Alfaholics Aluminium Pedal Sets

£950.00 GBP (ex vat)

RCE7010 | RCE7010/3 | RCE7010/2

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Fully CAD designed and CNC machined from billet military specification aluminum and hard anodised. These are available as a direct replacement for each of the pedal versions fitted across the range of 105 series cars, namely LHD floor mounted, LHD hanging and RHD floor mounted. They all feature adjustable angle pedal pads, whilst the floor mounted versions also feature adjustable length pedal arms. Adjusted to their longer length, the pedal effort will be reduced, whereas adjusted shorter, the pedal effort will be higher but your foot travel decreases – perfect for race and track day cars. The RHD clutch pedal is machined with the appropriate mounting point for both cable and hydraulic actuation.

These pedals weigh 50% less than the original steel pedals. As a pair, this results in a 0.5kg weight saving!

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