Air Conditioning System

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Developed for Alfaholics GTA-R 009 for Dubai market and now fitted on many GTA-R and other Alfaholics workshop builds.

Heater box featuring both an air conditioning evaporator and a heater matrix, which replaces the original unit and mounts to the normal fixing points under the dashboard. The air conditioning pump is operated using a simple on/off switch, whilst the two original cable controls and fascia panel are retained. The temperature control lever regulates the flow of hot water through the heater matrix and can therefore be used to blend warm air into the cool conditioned air in order to achieve the desired temperature. Blended air can then be directed either to the dashboard or to the footwell using the direction lever. The heater box has the same size air outlets as the S2 heater boxes fitted to most 105s, but it can also be adapted to work with the ‘earlier style’ four dash vent cars. We now also offer separately 2 different sizes of billet air vents that can be fitted into both early and late dashboards to complete the installation as done on Alfaholics GTA-R builds.

The air conditioning pump is a compact high-efficiency unit which enables a neat installation under the bonnet. The kit comes with mounting brackets to fit the pump on a Twin Spark engine down low on the inlet side to keep the unit as hidden as possible using the standard crank pulley as per the majority of our GTA-R builds.

A Nord fitting kit is also available, which comprises mounting brackets for the pump and a billet aluminium crank pulley with the second belt position required to run the pump. In Nord application the pump is fitted up high on the exhaust side of the engine as per US market factory air conditioned cars. The condenser unit is thin and compact and therefore minimises disruption to air flow through the water radiator.

The kit needs to be installed by a competent professional or skilled engineer enthusiast with experience fitting air conditioning kits.

Note that on late 105/115 GT and Spider with factory steel shrouding in front of the radiator that you need to cut holes in the shrouding to pass the air conditioning pipes through. We regret that on Giulia Saloons, there is not enough space between the radiator and the front panel to physically install the condenser and fan unit due to the lack of frontal overhang/body space, thus making installation of this system not really viable.

What’s Included

Heater / Evaporator Box






Toggle Switch

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Drier Bottle

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Electric Fan

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Trinary Switch

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