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This filter is an upgrade for the standard 105.48 air filter fitted to all 1968-1982 105 series cars. It fits directly into the standard airbox, improving airflow and therefore performance.

Foam filters take the idea of having larger holes and using oil to catch the dirt particles but use this in a different format. The Multi laminate reticulated foam uses layers of different specifications of foam, each layer catching different sized particles whilst allowing the air to flow freely. This gives foam an advantage over the cotton filter, although both filters flow well, the foam media allows the filter to still maintain airflow even at high levels of Dust loading.

The long-term benefit is that it won’t get blocked up or lose performance over time, meaning that the performance of the air filter is consistent from service to service, you maintain that brand new filter performance.

What’s Included

Air Filter

Air Filter

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Technical Details


All 105 / 115 Series

1970 onwards









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