Alfaholics 55L Rally / Track Day Fuel Tank

£875.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Upgrade Options

  • VDO Sender (55L Tank)
  • Laser Cut Aluminium Tank Cover
  • VDO Fuel Gauge

Product Information

Designed with a -6 JIC fuel outlet and a -6 JIC swirled fuel return (with a blanking cap included). This tank can be used in both a carburettor or fuel injector engine and indeed the ability to change from one to the other.

Added with additional air breather pipe in the neck area to allow faster fuel filling.

Filled with race grade baffling foam. Fits centrally between shock absorber mounts for optimum weight distribution and safety.

By designing the fuel tank with the collector pot on the left, it allows the spare wheel well to be used, making it ideal for rally and track day cars. This has the added advantage of allowing you to use the bottom half of an original fuel tank to mount your fuel pump and battery, if boot mounted.

All exposed parts can be separated away from tools, bags, helmets and other items you want to store in the boot. It also greatly improves the under floor air flow. We have observed just blanking the old fuel tank hole creates a trap for air passing under the car that not only slows the car but also deforms the shape of the back panel over time.

This tank resolves the original boot floor flex from up to 50kg of fuel lifting it up and down ending in stress cracks.

Supplied complete with one way breather valve, remote filler, neck pipe, Jubilee clips and special anti-vibration rubber mounting pads.

It is fitted with a VDO fitment ring allowing a VDO sender to be fitted.

What’s Included

  • 1x 55L rally /track day fuel tank

Technical Details