Alfaholics 55 Litre Fuel Safety Cell – Spare Wheel Well Fitment



55 litre foam filled kevlar safety cell. Designed and manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics to fit our flat bottomed aluminium spare wheel well which is available separately. Approved to FIA FT3-1999 Standard.

This cell was designed using 3D CAD software to map the shape of our wheel well exactly. By using our deep flat bottomed well it has been possible to get a far greater capacity than is typically possible into this space whilst finishing flush with the boot floor for ease of installation and maximising the centre of gravity benefits.

The cell comes complete with FIA safety foam, internal collectors with a twin check valve trap door system, high quality internal electric fuel pump and -6 plumbing which lead to a -6 fuel outlet, aero filler cap & VDO dip pipe sender.



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