100L Fuel Safety Cell (FIA Approved) – 105 GT & Giulia Saloon

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100L foam filled safety cell. Approved to FIA FT3-1999 Standard.

CAD designed to completely map the inside boot area of a 105 series Alfa Romeo. From this CAD data we then designed the cell to sit in the boot floor, shelf and spare wheel area with the tightest fit. The layout and shape of the cell has been optimised for optimum weight distribution and practicality whilst remaining in the constraints of the volume of the cell and the shape of the boot area.

The tank sits centrally between the shock absorber turrets, keeping the weight central and as far forward as possible, whilst bringing the tank back onto the boot floor and down into 1/4 of the spare wheel well, helped to keep the weight as low as possible too. It is supplied with a separate laser cut aluminium cover for safety, extra location and to comply with race regulations.

The cell comes complete with FIA safety foam, internal collectors with a twin check valve trap door system, internal electric fuel pump and -6 plumbing which lead to a -6 fuel outlet, aero filler cap, VDO dip pipe sender & aluminium cover.

This cell is extremely lightweight so if you compete in shorter distance races as well as endurance races you are not carrying excess weight. We first used this cell in the 6 Hours of Spa where we won the Eau Rouge Trophy at first attempt; the cars handling was as crisp with 100L of fuel as it was with 15L at the end of each session. The careful thought that went into the positioning of the tank was crucial in helping us win as it allowed us to push so hard right from the start of each session with over 85kg of fuel in the boot.

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100L Fuel Safety Cell (FIA Approved) – 105 GT & Giulia Saloon

100L Fuel Safety Cell

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