Alfaholics Twin Spark Engines



Product Information

Alfaholics can build 8v 2.0 Twin Spark engines for road / track day or full race use, ranging from 1999cc-2150cc. Engines can be built as either using the early 75/164 cylinder head or with a S2 155 / 164 head.

Whether you want EFI injection or carburettors, we have a solution for your needs. Performance options ranging from 190-240BHP.

We can supply a complete package of ancillaries to go with engines to ensure inlet, ECU, clutch & exhaust parts all match the specification of the engines we supply.

Please note that we are not able to supply donor engines so you will need to provide a rebuildable core engine along with a 105 style upper sump pan if it is for 105/115 chassis installation.

Please email or call [email protected] for details on specification, pricing and options.

What’s Included

  • Fully rebuilt engine with ancillary package
  • or a fully rebuilt engine dressed with ancillaries (as pictured)