Alfaholics Nord Engine Package – Stage 1 +25BHP

£1,425.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Upgrade Options

  • Stainless Exhaust System
  • Ignition pack
  • Lightweight Performance Camshaft Installation Kit

A simple head only package of Alfaholics upgrade components for Nord engines of all sizes – 1300/1600/1750/2000.

The kit comprises our hollow billet cams in mild fast road profile, performance valve springs, DLC cam followers, GTA curved rampipes and gaskets to rebuild and install the head. +15BHP on its own or +25BHP when fitted in conjunction with our full s/s sports exhaust which we strongly recommend to get the most out of the package.

Thus 130BHP or 140BHP for a 2000 engine where we rate a factory engine at 115BHP. We also recommend fitting our Alfaholics ignition package to ensure optimum ignition advance curve for modern fuel and optimum spark quality.

Now with standard Spesso head gasket due to availability issues with Reinz.

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