Alfaholics Long Stroke Crank for 2000 Nord & Twinspark

£3,250.00 GBP (ex vat)


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New Alfaholics production. In designing this crank, we started from scratch using modern knowledge into optimum crank design and CAD to design the optimum crank for the Alfa 2000 Nord and Twinspark engine. The crank features a special oil gallery design that improves oil flow to the bearings at high revs and has the counterweight webs shaped very specifically to give optimum counterweighting to the piston & rod at high revs, something which is not very good with the original Alfa crank. Furthermore, the big ends are specially bored hollow to further reduce centrifugal weight. We stretched the stroke of the crank to the maximum possible whilst ensuring the crank fits the block without modifications, this has increased by 5.5mm to 94mm, which gives just over 2100cc with 84.6mm bore, or just under 2300cc with 87mm bore. Our development engine has produced 15BHP extra with this new crank versus an original Alfa crank.


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