Alfaholics 2000 Race Conrods

£1,300.00 GBP (ex vat)


Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics to our own specification, recommended for use with 2.0 engines which regularly use over 7,000rpm. These rods are simply the highest quality parts available on the market, fit the best! These rods feature an I-beam section, which makes them lighter than the typical H-beam design whilst being just as strong. These rods will fit all 1750 and 2000 engines.

A rule in the FIA App.K regulations, which used to outlaw all non-original rods, has recently been changed and now allows aftermarket rods to be used, provided that their design is as per the original rod. As a result, whilst traditional H-beam rods remain illegal, our new I-beam rods would seem to be FIA compliant!

Set of four.

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