Alfaholics 2000 Nord Engine Package – Stage 2 +35BHP

£3,260.00 GBP (ex vat)


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  • Add Alfaholics Stainless Exhaust System
  • Add Alfaholics Ignition pack
  • Add Alfaholics Lightweight Performance Camshaft Installation Kit

A full kit of Alfaholics parts to rebuild and uprate a complete 2000 Nord engine to our stage 2 fast road specification. + 25BHP (140BHP) on its own or +35BHP (150BHP) when used in conjunction with our full s/s sports exhaust which we strongly recommend to get the most out of the package. Kit highlights include our hollow billet cams in fast road profile, race quality valve gear with 1mm oversize inlet valves, high compression cast P&L set, race quality crank bearings, long carb mounts, lightweight steel flywheel, competition quality running in oil to use for the first 500 miles & competition semi-synthetic oil to put in after with filters for both oil changes. Kit designed to run with 40mm carbs.

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