Alfaholics 1600 / 2000 Nord Engines


Product Information

Alfaholics can rebuild and tune 1600 & 2000cc Nord engines for all applications; fast road, track day or race. For the 2000 engine we can now offer a capacity increase to 2.1L using our 94mm crankshaft. Engines are built to order offering a wide range of specification options, we can supply a complete package of ancillaries to go with engines to ensure clutch, cooling and exhaust parts all match the specification of the engines we supply.

• 1600cc engines ranging from 140-175BHP
• 2000cc engines from 150-210BHP
• 2100cc up to 225BHP

Note, we may not able to supply donor engines so you might need to provide us with a core engine, please enquire for core availability.

Please email or call [email protected] for information regarding pricing, specification & options.