Alfaholics 1600 Race Conrods

£1,300.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

Manufactured by CP-Carrillo to our own specification. All Carrillo rods are forged and then fully machined from their own proprietary blend of 4330M steel alloy.

These rods feature an I-beam section, which makes them lighter than the typical H-beam design and safe up to 9,000rpm when used in conjunction with a 334g forged piston such as our own.

During development, we ran a set of these rods to 9,800rpm without failure!

A rule in the FIA App.K regulations, which used to outlaw all non-original rods, has recently been changed and now allows aftermarket rods to be used, provided that their design is as per the original rod. As a result, whilst traditional H-beam rods remain illegal, our new I-beam rods would seem to be FIA compliant!

All our products are race proven and are developed to meet the same high performance criteria and exacting tolerances that we require.

What’s Included

  • 4x 1600 race conrods
  • 8x Steel bolts
  • 1x Bolt lubricant

Technical Details

Profile I-beam
Material 4330M steel alloy
Weight 500g
Models All 101/105 series cars with a 1600 Nord engine
Manufacture Forged