Alfaholics GTAm Twin Spark Cam Cover

£1,395.00 GBP (ex vat)


Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics, this cam cover gives a stunning GTAm look to the twin spark engine. CAD drawn and CNC precision machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminium, the quality is amazing – it has to be seen to be fully appreciated! Supplied as standard in crackle black or by special order with a hard anodised finish in either grey or dark red, or alternatively in a polished aluminium finish.

By computer designing this cam cover, we have been able to improve on two particularly poor features of the original GTAm and standard twin spark cam covers. Firstly, we have replaced the often leaky GTA breather filler cap with a CNC machined cap, utilising a rubber o-ring seal and threaded fitment. This also provides a high quality feel to fitting and removal of the cap. Secondly, the cam cover has been machined to accept a rubber o-ring seal (supplied) to replace the notoriously leaky paper twin spark cam cover gasket – spark plug holes filling with oil are a thing of the past!

This work of art can be supplied in both 75 (with distributor cutout) and 155 (no cut out) versions.

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