Alfaholics Full Race Clutch Kit – Cable Actuation

£1,395.00 GBP (ex vat)

RCE6001/CC6 | RCE6001/CC8

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  • Upgrade To Mass Damper Flywheel

Extremely lightweight billet CNC machined flat flywheel manufactured from very high tensile EN24T steel. Weighs only 4.8 kgs including ring gear! AP Racing’s latest technology billet aluminium black anodised pressure plate weighing an amazing 1.2kgs, 4-paddle cera-metallic friction plate, premium quality round nose release bearing and bespoke Alfaholics manufactured billet machined aluminium release bearing carrier to adapt to fit directly to either Alfa Romeo hydraulic clutch fork and bell-housing or cable operated clutch – please specify when ordering.

We chose to use a single plate 4-paddle cera-metallic plate set up as it allows much more clutch pedal feel than a sintered friction material. Sintered materials cause the clutch pedal to feel like an on/off button, which is much too aggressive for historic tyres, as well as putting huge strains through the rest of the drivetrain and making the car difficult to drive in the wet! We have been using this cera-metallic paddle setup in all our competition cars for the past 15 years with 100% success and are much happier with its characteristics compared with the previous twin plate sintered setup used. We are even so happy with its driving characteristics that we have used it on high power trackday cars when the cars combine between road and competition use.

This kit comes complete and is ready to bolt directly to your Alfa Romeo. Flywheel available with 6 bolt crank fitment and 105T ring gear, or 8 bolt crank fitment with 105T ring gear and a special adaptor to fit the factory cable release bearing actuator.

Please note Mass Damper Flywheel upgrade only available in 8 Bolt 105 Tooth configuration.