Alfaholics Hydraulic Handbrake Kit

£145.00 GBP (ex vat)


Alfaholics production. Fit this superb kit to transform the capabilities of your rally/autocross car.

This kit plumbs directly into the existing rear brake line, so no complex and heavy mechanisms are required. It fits to your original handbrake lever, with the ratchet removed. As you pull the lever, the rear line is pressurised from the point of the in line race master cylinder. The rear wheels are locked in isolation from the rest of the brake system. Letting go of the lever, releases the pressure and the rear brakes unlock. If foot pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the pressure coming down the rear line forces the handbrake to release for extra security.

The bracket mounts directly to the existing centre propshaft support so fits all 105 models with the later, stronger centre support mount. Clients whose cars have early centre supports (i.e. small propshaft cars) can fit this kit with a simple conversion to the later HD centre mount, a worthwhile modification, we feel, for any competition car with an early propshaft mount.

Kit includes a stainless steel braided pressure line to run from the cylinder to the mounting point under the rear seat pan. To fit RHD or LHD cars. (Handbrake clevis not included, re-use your old item).

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