Alfaholics Tubular T45 Top Front Wishbone – Giulietta

£1,495.00 GBP (ex vat)


Alfaholics production, manufactured from lightweight, ultra rigid T45 tubular steel & TIG welded. We took the opportunity to improve the design of the original part by fitting a race quality self-lubricating spherical bearing in place of the factory ball joint, this has far tighter tolerances to improve front wheel location and camber control. The special machined pin for the upright also allows the rollcentre and camber rate to be adjusted via shimming, rather like a knuckle riser on a GTA. The arms come complete with new high quality bronze inner bushes installed and reamed. These arm assemblies save a massive 1KG in unsprung front suspension weight! The inner bush diameter is 19mm as per 101 series fitment.

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