Alfaholics 101 Series Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust Systems

£925.00 GBP (ex vat)



  • Upgrade to Stainless Steel Fitting Clamps

Following the huge success of our stainless steel exhausts for 105 Series cars, we have developed this complete range of exhausts for 101 Series cars. Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics in the UK using 304 grade marine quality stainless steel and guaranteed for life. The system is made up of tubular manifolds, a link pipe for under the floor and a straight through centre and tail silencer which combine both zero performance restriction with a beautiful yet sensible sound level. All our systems test at approximately 92 dB @ 4500rpm – well within all trackday limits.

We have 3 different manifold versions to cover all possible factory engine configurations and 3 main systems to cove the 3 most popular body configurations, these are as follows:-

  • 1300 Veloce manifold - for 1300cc engined cars with factory Veloce engine mounts
  • 1600 Veloce manifold - for 1600cc engined cars with factory Veloce engine mounts
  • 1300/1600 Normale manifold - for both 1300 & 1600cc engined cars with factory Normale engine mounts
  • Giulietta/Giulia Sprint main system
  • Giulietta/Giulia Spider main system
  • Giulietta SZ main system

Please note that for factory Normale cars converted to twin carburettor, the important distinction for exhaust fitment is whether the car is still running Normale engine mounts or factory Veloce engine mounts, not whether the car has a single or twin carburettor arrangement. Please specify car model, engine size and engine mount configuration when ordering the system.