Rear Propshaft – Sprint

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Most rear propshafts have had many UJ (Universal Joint) changes in their life and as a result can often have damaged UJ housings, this means that even with new UJs vibrations can still occur due to end float in the UJ housings which is beyond shimming out.

The sliding joint is also another area for wear on an original unit that of course cannot ever be repaired. As a result of these 2 major factors we no longer use rebuilt rear propshafts in our workshop, fitting only our brand new unit for 100% perfect results at virtually no extra cost to the customer.

We manufacture these units from race quality thin wall 2″ tube, not only does this mean that the tube is stiffer which results in far smoother running at high speeds, but it is also much lighter than an original unit. We have also increased the size of the UJs on each end which makes them much less prone to wear and much more able to handle the load from engines with increased performance.

Each prop is dynamically balanced to 8,000rpm meaning that this item is perfect for use on both road and competition cars.

What’s Included

Rear Propshaft – Sprint

Rear Propshaft

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101 Giulietta

750 Giulietta






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