Alfaholics Trackday/Mild Race ‘Blue’ Handing Kit

£530.00 GBP (ex vat)


Kit Includes

  • 4 lowered and uprated springs
  • 29mm anti-roll bar with ball-jointed
  • ‘S4 style’ droplinks


Developed around Max’s GTA-R and our 2.0 Sprint GT race car, this kit is suitable for all focused trackday and mild race 105 Series cars.

‘S4 style’ droplinks which are far superior to the standard rubber bush droplinks of the normal 105 series cars. When combined with either Bilstein or Koni shock absorbers, it radically transforms the handling of the car; the car has very positive turn in to corners, excellent grip and balance and superb directional stability.

We recommend the removal of the rear anti-roll bar and replacing certain bushes with the polyurethane equivalent when installing this kit. Comprehensive advice on fitting, ride heights etc, is given on purchase of the kit.

Alfaholics springs are manufactured from the best quality EN48 steel.

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