Fully Programmable Distributor

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Excellent unit with fully programmable ignition advance curve. This distributor has the ability to store 2 separate curves which the user can switch between by applying a 12v supply to one of the distributor wires. This could for example be configured through a switch on the dashboard to allow the driver to switch between curves instantly.

We supply this unit with an Alfaholics fast road curve pre-installed. You can run this curve with all standard and mildly tuned engines, or use it as a basis to fine tune the ignition advance to match your particular modified engine’s characteristics. We recommend curve tuning is performed by an expert, ideally with rolling road facilities. Doing so will not only optimise power, but also ensure that the curve is ‘safe’ and that the engine does not suffer from detonation. It is important to note that performance Alfa engines which have been built well with efficient combustion chambers do not produce maximum power at maximum ignition advance prior to detonation – it is often produced 2-3 degrees lower.  This is why rolling road tuning is so important in order to ensure the ignition settings are correct for a particular engine. The curve is modified using a simple programme downloaded to your computer which is connected to the distributor via a USB cable.

The second curve is perhaps best used as a more conservative map with less ignition advance across the board, in case you are forced to fill up with lower octane fuel than you would normally use.

What’s Included

Fully Programmable Distributor

Fully Programmable 123 Ignition Distributor

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Technical Details


123 Ignition


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