Alfaholics Aluminium Carburettor Mounts

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FUL2001 | FUL2002

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Upgrade Options

  • Rubber Buffer Upgrade to Mount (Short Carb Mount)

Product Information

Set of four CNC machined from billet aluminium carburettor mounts.

Fits 105 and 116 series cars up to 1985 with mounts that bolt into the manifold from behind.

The kit is supplied complete with studs pre-fitted in the mounts, ‘O’ rings, Thackery washers and nyloc nuts.

Over time, the original rubber mounts crack and leak air causing the mixture to weaken and consequently the engine to run roughly. Even the replacement reproduction rubber mounts have been known to crack prematurely and this has led us to manufacture these billet aluminium items for use as a direct replacement.

They use rubber ‘O’ rings to form a perfect seal between the mount and the carburettor. These rubber ‘O’ rings, together with Thackery washers (included in the kit), provide each carburettor with the necessary damping from engine vibrations.

This ‘O’ ring set-up is used widely for racing as it is considered to be the most effective and reliable method of carburettor mounting.

What’s Included

  • 4x Carb mount assembled with thread lock Loctite and grub screws
  • 4x Fuel resistant ‘O’ rings
  • 8x Thackery washers
  • 8x M8 Nylon nuts
  • 8x M8 nuts

Technical Details

Diameter40mm or 45mm
Fitment• Weber
• Dellorto
• Solex