Silicone Hose Kit – Early

£80.00 GBP (ex vat)


We now offer this complete package containing all the hoses you’ll need for early 105 cars. The kit includes W2 stainless steel hose clips. It is designed to fit cars with twin carburettor inlet manifolds with the large screw in thermostat (not single carburettor 1600/1300Ti) and for cars with early radiators fitted with 4 legs and early heater boxes (i.e. Sprint GT/V, early GT Junior, Duetto, early Giulia Super, 1300/1600 GTA etc). Due to cars having had engine transplants over the years, please check the compatibility of components before ordering). If your car has had an engine transplant, please let us know the details and we can customise this kit to be compatible.

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