Mass Damper Flywheel

Product Information

Alfaholics has designed and manufactured this mass damper flywheel to combat the inherent vibrations that occur in all high revving 4-cylinder engines. These vibration harmonics reduce bearing life and in worst case scenarios can cause catastrophic engine failure when a bearing either breaks up or picks up on the journal & seizes.

This damper flywheel works by having rollers that shuttle within pockets that cause a counteractive force to those that are damaging the crank, this counteractive force controls the amplitude of vibration.

This ability to absorb rather than merely dampen the vibration is the key to their success.

We have been using these flywheels in our top specification race and track day engines for several years and you can simply feel the difference through your feet driving cars fitted with these flywheels.

On disassembly of engines during winter check overs, the bearing condition of these engines speak for themselves as to the benefits these flywheels bring to top end engine builds.

Available for 6-bolt crank with a 130 tooth ring gear to fit all 2000 as well as late 1600/1750 with hydraulic clutch application or 8-bolt crank (10mm bolt size) with a 105 tooth ring gear for all early 1300/1600 cable clutch applications.

What’s Included

  • 1x Mass damper flywheel

Technical Details

Models• 2000 & late 1600 / 1750 with hydraulic clutch
• Early 1300 / 1600 cable clutch