GTA 6 x 14

GTA 6 x 14″ Strada Wheel

£150.00 GBP (ex vat)


Superb reproduction of the 6 x 14″ GTA Strada wheel with correct period look vent holes. The wheel is incredibly light at 5.8kg and comes complete with a GTA centre cap & clip.

The wheels carry a certificate from German TÜV who is performing the toughest wheel tests in the world.

Billet 15mm Rear Wheel Spacer

Billet 15mm Rear Wheel Spacer

£39.95 GBP (ex vat)


Specifically designed for GTAm widebody cars to achieve FIA gp.2 rear track width with normal (non-Autodelta) rear brake discs.

Can be used for other applications also.

Please note dependant on wheel thickness you might need to install longer wheel studs to use this spacer.

Alfaholics 7 x 14

Alfaholics 7 x 14″ GTA Wheel – Magnesium

£995.00 GBP (ex vat)


Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics by the UK’s leading motorsport magnesium wheel manufacturer. This wheel has been manufactured to the very highest standards and designed with meticulous attention to detail, in order to ensure that it is an exact copy of the original 1st series Campagnolo wheel.

Particular attention was paid to the accuracy of the vent hole – the main aesthetic feature. The wheel has been cast using the latest motorsport spec magnesium alloy, developed for Formula 3 racing and as a result weighs a mere 5.3kg, 0.2kg lighter than the original Alfa wheel!
The wheels are finished in a protective black chromate coating, ready to be painted in the customer’s choice of colour. They are machined to the correct ET29 offset for 1600 & 1300 GTA and accept our GTA wheel badge and circlip. The wheels feature steel stud inserts (important for magnesium wheels) and are supplied with GTA centre badges and circlips.

Alfaholics 13″ GTAm Wheels - Magnesium

Alfaholics 13″ GTAm Wheels – Magnesium

£1,095.00 GBP (ex vat)

WHL018 | WHL018/9 | WHL018/10

Following the success of our existing magnesium wheel productions, we have now manufactured these superb 13″ magnesium 1300 GTA/GTAm wheels, available in 3 different widths – 8″, 9″ & 10″. We used new old stock original Campagnolo wheels in each size as patterns to ensure perfect accuracy of detail, paying particular attention to the shape of the holes.  It is the profile of the holes which is incorrect on other reproduction 13″ wheels.

They have been cast using the latest motorsport spec magnesium alloy (developed for Formula 3 racing) and consequently are very light!  They are finished in a protective black chromate coating, ready to be painted.  The wheels also feature steel stud inserts and tyre retaining beads which are an added safety feature not present on original GTAm wheels.

Campagnolo Sticker

Campagnolo Sticker

£3.95 GBP (ex vat)


The perfect way to finish your new Alfaholics GTA wheels!

  • Type: Alfaholics production, perfect copy of original Campagnolo sticker fitted to GTA wheels.
  •  Models: GTA
  •  Material: Vinyl.
  • Fitment: Self adhesive.
  • Location: Fitted to GTA wheels.
  • Language: Italian.
GTA wheel circlip

GTA wheel circlip

£3.50 GBP (ex vat)


All our GTA type wheels are supplied with badges and clips but you can buy these separately.

GTA Wheel Nut

GTA Wheel Nut

£3.95 GBP (ex vat)

WHL014 | WHL015

Alfaholics production, high quality stainless steel. Right or left hand thread available.