Alfaholics Autodelta Side Exit Exhaust

£2,395.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

3D laser scanned from a genuine original Autodelta side exit exhaust from one of our Autodelta GTAs to make a perfect computer model of the original part.

From this data, proper press tooling was made to manufacture the various bends and sections required to fabricate this exhaust to look exactly correct.

We also took extra special care to get the rolled tailpipe edge detail exactly correct, as it is this detail that gives the part its unique Autodelta look. Special attention was made to the exact layout & position of the welds to ensure perfect detail accuracy which makes this part indistinguishable from the original Autodelta part.

Perfect for those restoring genuine Autodelta cars which are missing the original exhaust. As well as for people who want to have a copy part for their GTA and GTAm tribute project!

This exhaust is designed to fit directly on to all original 1300/1600 GTA and GTAm manifolds with the original twin 3-bolt flange.

What’s Included

  • 1x Side exit exhaust

Technical Details

Models• 1300 & 1600 Autodelta GTA
• GTAm