1600 Full Race Side Exit Exhaust System

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This exhaust is the absolute ultimate full race 1600 race exhaust system and the product of years of development and refinement of the exhaust on our all-conquering U2TC Championship winning 1600 GTA. Bores, lengths and internal design have been flow optimised to give the very best flow characteristics possible. The result of this work and incredibly detailed manufacturing process has resulted in a nett gain of a quite incredible 10BHP @ 8,500 rpm over our ‘normal’ stainless sports exhaust making this the cheapest 10BHP gain you will find on your existing full race 1600 engine!

Running a side exit with a decent sized & stunning quality silencer results in a significant weight saving over an out the back system whilst keeping sound levels sensible and within European race meeting sound level requirements of 105dB. The system has a lambda sensor boss to allow fitment of a lambda gauge in the car.

The exhaust has been jigged around a LHD 1600 GTA, so will suit all floor pedal LHD cars as long as they have a correct GTA/Ti Super specification clutch lever arm arrangement, if your car has a non-GTA specification pedal box then you need to modify your clutch lever arm position to clear the secondary pipes.

Will fit all RHD cars and LHD hanging pedal cars, although the deeper floor pan will make the exhaust sit closer to the floor than it does on a floor pedal car.

What’s Included

1600 Full Race Side Exit Exhaust System

1600 Full Race Side Exit Exhaust System

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