Lightweight Headlight & Bowl

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Lightweight 7″ H4 plastic headlight bowl with H4 polycarbonate headlight. This pair constitutes a 500g saving over original steel bowl & glass headlight meaning 1kg total from car when using 2 pieces.

To direct fit all step front GT, Spider & Giulia as original.

Can also fit late GT outer headlight but with no stainless finishing ring fitment. The headlight design with rear reflector beam pattern with clear lens (like modern cars use) results in a sharper beam pattern and thus improved night time vision.

We can offer these lights with correct beam pattern for RHD markets (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan) so they can be used for road use in these markets or for race use only for the rest of the world.

What’s Included

Lightweight Headlight & Bowl

Lightweight Headlight & Bowl

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