PCB Fuse & Relay Board

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Product Information

Printed circuit board (PCB) power control unit for integrating all controls and functions required for a road, track day and race purpose.

Featuring all the input connections for switch gear and other control units, built in relays to control these circuits and output terminals wire to the full range of equipment.

It also includes a bank of permanent 12v and switched 12v outputs to allow various auxiliary items to be wired in using the board and spare relays that can be used to switch any additional components over and above its standard design.

Fusing is done with modern blade type fuses for ultimate reliability and quality.

The board is supplied complete with:

  • All fuses & relays
  • Mounting plinth
  • Cover panel (ready to trim)
  • Thumb screws for fixing the lid

Supplied is a complete wiring list of all the terminals and functions to enable correct installation.

We have also developed and manufactured a professionally made wiring harness. The loom features motorsport multi-plugs to complete the installation of this PCB. The wiring loom has been carefully and cleverly designed to be ambidextrous, making it suitable for use on both LHD and RHD 105 series Alfas. We have included all the variations of wires to handle differences between early and late model cars.

What’s Included

PCB Fuse & Relay Board

PCB Fuse & Relay Board

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Technical Details


All 105 / 115 Series




Required Per Car