RHD Single Circuit Race Brake Master Cylinder Conversion Kit

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Product Information

Convert away from reproduction Alfa type brake master cylinder with this kit which enables the use of Girling race master cylinder. These Girling master cylinders are extremely reliable and simple to re-rubber should you wish to do so in the future. They will also naturally be available for decades to come, unlike the reproduction Alfa unit.

It enables people experimenting with different caliper setups to easily and economically change the master cylinder piston diameter by fitting 1 of the many different master cylinders bores available in this format. This enables brake pedal length and power to be adjusted to match caliper piston volume. This kit is also essential for people wanting to remove their servo to improve pedal feel and power modulation.

Kit comprises laser cut and powder coated bracket, master cylinder, adapter rod to fit onto original pedal clevis rod and hard line fittings to enable easy plumbing.

“the brakes worked very well – I tested them a lot and it feels easy to modulate them and predict when locking is likely to happen – much more feel than with the servo” Richard Merrell commenting on fitting this kit to his GTA Replica

What’s Included

Brake Master Cylinder

Quantity: 1

Mounting Bracket

Quantity: 1


Quantity: 1

Banjos, Washers and Bolts

Quantity: 2

Technical Details









Mounting bracket




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