Miscellaneous Parts for 105/115 Series Alfa Romeo

NOCO G3500 Battery Charger and Maintainer - Misc - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

NOCO G3500 Battery Charger and Maintainer

£43.00 GBP (ex vat)


High quality 3.5A automatic battery charger, capable of charging both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.  Also features a specific setting for charging small but powerful AGM batteries such as the Odyssey Extreme 25, which we offer and fit on all Alfaholics GTA-Rs.  Designed to be left permanently connected, the charger monitors the condition of the battery to ensure it is always in peak condition and ready for use.  Exceptional build quality - used to maintain batteries on all Alfaholics cars.  Supplied with crocodile clips.  Alternative charging accessories available separately.

NOCO GB40 Lithium Power Pack and Jump Starter - Misc - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

NOCO GB40 Lithium Power Pack and Jump Starter

£96.00 GBP (ex vat)


Small yet extremely powerful starter pack, capable of delivering 1,000 amps for jump starting dead batteries in just a few seconds.  Also an excellent power source for recharging USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.  Built-in LED flashlight.  Supplied with heavy-duty crocodile clips, micro USB charging lead, 12V charger and microfibre storage bag.

Alfaholics Engine Stands - Misc - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

Alfaholics Engine Stands

£60.00 GBP (ex vat)


Pair of Alfaholic's production engine stands for 101/105 engine blocks.

Alfaholics Workshop Wing Protector - Misc - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

Alfaholics Workshop Wing Protector

£29.95 GBP (ex vat)


Alfaholics production, full size cover to protect the complete front wing whilst working on your car. It has a special antislip material on the back that prevents the cover moving whilst you are working on the car.

Alfaholics Steering Wheel Protector - Misc - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

Alfaholics Steering Wheel Protector

£4.95 GBP (ex vat)


Alfaholics production, avoid greasy hand marks in leather or suede wheels whilst work is being done and well as scratches on wooden wheels. Stretches to fit any dimeter wheel.

Tool Kit - Misc - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

Tool Kit

£80.00 GBP (ex vat)


Original type tool kit for 105/115 Series Alfa Romeo. The kit includes a wheel brace (19mm), spark plug socket, 11 & 13mm spanner and a double ended screwdriver and pliers.

Cigarette Lighter - Coupe - Interior - 105/115 Series - Alfaholics

Cigarette Lighter

£145.00 GBP (ex vat)


Original cigarette lighter trigger for 105 Series Coupe, Saloon and Spider

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