Chassis Repair

As a result of its life on race circuits away from salted roads, the car was very rust free. Thus the usually time intensive rust repairs usually required on these cars was, in this case, replaced by extensive time on the Alfaholics Celette jig.

With the aluminium panels removed, the chassis was put on our jig and, as expected, was found to be out of line. The right hand sill structures were too bad to use again so were cut out and replaced, along with the damaged right hand floor pans. The left side fortunately was in good condition and generally undamaged.

The roof had been squashed, so a new roof frame was fitted but the roof skin itself was looking good to strighten and refit. Once off the jig, the chassis was sent for media blasting in order to remove the old paint and underseal and was then epoxy primed prior to returning to Alfaholics. We then cleaned up the chassis, welded up all the old holes which had been drilled in the inner wings and firewalls from previous race preparations during its long racing life.

Prior to delivery to our aluminium specialists we fitted up the suspension, mocking up the ride height so they could see how the car would sit.

1965 FIA App.K 1600 GTA Restoration - Chassis Repair