1972 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior Zagato


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According to the Alfa Romeo Museum archives, this car was manufactured on December 4th 1972 and invoiced by the factory to their dealer in Messina, Sicily, on December 27th 1972.  The original colour was silver.

– This is a very rare car being one of only 402 GT1600 Junior cars that were manufactured with bodies by Carrozzeria Zagato in 1972 and 1973. The 1600 version replaced the earlier 1300 engined Junior Zagato of which only 1,108 were manufactured between 1970 and 1972.
– This example was imported into England by English based Zagato authority Mr Franco Macri in September 1980, when the speedometer displayed a reading of 38,400 kilometres. Mr Macri sold the car to Mr Robert Kaman of London W1 the following month.
– Mr Kaman sold the car to Dr Ian Kerr of London N6 in August 1983 when the speedometer recorded 58,900 kilometres. Dr Kerr clearly used his rare Zagato car enthusiastically as he covered more than 115,000 kilometres during the next twenty six years of ownership. He sold it to Mr Macri sometime in late 2008.
– Mr Macri promptly sold the car in January 2009 (when the speedometer recorded about 175,000 kilometres) onto a most charming Gentleman who resided close to him in Somerset. It was this Gentleman who was to part exchange what had been his first classic Alfa Romeo with us in May 2013, for his second.
– Boasting an enormous history folder, this Zagato has a fully documented history from its arrival in England to the present day. The car has been maintained by many known Alfa Romeo specialists and dealers over the years, including Jon Dooley’s Brookside Garage of Sandy, Bedfordshire, Lombarda Carriage Company of Notting Hill, London, Alfetta Racing of London TW7, and Macdonald Race Engineering of London N8. With the exception of six which are missing, the remainder of the cars MOT certificates are on file from the original one in 1980 to its current one, along with a huge number of invoices detailing the mechanical and body work that has been carried out on the car during its life in England.
– Major works carried on this Junior Zagato during its time in England include:
September 1981 – a full re-paint of the car carried out by Brookside Garage.
January 1988 – a cylinder head overhaul by Lombarda at 99,300 kilometres.
October 1988 – a complete re-paint by Lombarda at 102,800 kilometres.
November 1988 – a new clutch was fitted by Lombarda at 103,200 kilometres.
May 1992 – a complete re-paint by Dunford Classic Cars of Hastings, East Sussex.
August 1996 – a complete engine re-build by Macdonald Race Engineering at about 150,000 kilometres.
February 2000 – completely re-painted by Chapel Restorations of Faversham in Kent, for which there are many photographs documenting the process and works carried out.
May 2007 – a new head gasket was fitted by Macdonald Race Engineering.
May 2009 – Benalfa of Westbury in Wiltshire overhauled the cylinder head and re-built the gearbox and fitted a new clutch.
April 2012 – the rear axle was overhauled by Alfaholics of Clevedon, near Bristol

This is a very rare car with a fabulous history file that is in good condition.
It must be stated that although we note the speedometer readings in this listing because they are documented during the cars time in England, it is unknown whether the reading of 38,400 kilometres that the speedometer displayed upon its arrival in England was what the car had covered from new, due to there being no Italian history present. Therefore we cannot prove that the current reading of (1)86,000 kilometres is genuine and we do not claim that it is, or that it is not.


Black and White Garage. 01635 200 444. [email protected] www.bwgarage.com