High Performance Battery Charger

£75.00 GBP (ex vat)


Anodised aluminium-cased 10A charger. This top quality ‘intelligent’ charger is capable of bulk charging any 12 volt battery. It is also designed to be left connected permanently, providing a very low current trickle charge, in order to keep the battery at 100%. This trickle charge is carefully regulated by microprocessor so as not to damage the battery. A backlit LCD screen shows the state of charge of the battery. The charger has a built-in cooling fan to allow it to operate efficiently in high temperature environments.

The charger is compatible with any household electricity supply ranging from 100-240V AC. It is supplied with a UK IEC lead but any kettle/PC type lead around the world can be used to power the charger and make it compatible with local power sockets.

There is the option of using either crocodile clips or ring terminals to connect the charger to the battery. Both are supplied.

The charger also features deep discharge recovery, thermal protection, short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.

The perfect way to keep your battery in peak condition when you need it!

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