Alfaholics 7x15" GTA Veloce Wheel

£160.00 GBP (ex vat)


Our best selling wheels!

The ultimate GTA style aluminium wheel, made exclusively for Alfaholics in a state of the art UK factory which supplies OE wheels to Aston Martin, Lotus & Bentley.

The last few years have seen the gradual withdrawal of performance 14 inch tyres from the market. There is now no real performance road tyre available in 14 inch so there is little point in spending good money upgrading the suspension, engine and brakes of your 105 series car if you cannot transmit the capabilities of these products to the road properly! Our 7x15 wheels allow fitment of modern high performance tyres such as the fantastic Yokohama AD08 fitted to all the Alfaholics Works GTA-R builds.

The wheel is light at just 7.6kgs. This has been achieved by incorporating small ribs in the back of the wheel, very much like the original sixties design, that allowed the wheel to be made thinner in cross-section. The beauty of this thin cross section is that it has aided the visual appearance of the wheel, by making the holes look thinner.

Being 15” diameter, all steering ball joint clearance issues on the front of normal 105s without GTA type steering arms are gone, which has allowed us to produce the wheel to Alfa’s original design offset of ET29. We realised, however, that this would remain a problem on the back of lowered pre ‘68 GT’s (with deep rear arches), as well as all Giulia saloon models. Accordingly, we can offer an ET35 version to allow fitment to cars with less rear arch space. The two different offsets available mean they will fit ALL models.

Suggested tyre sizes are 185/60, 185/65 or 195/60 for fast road use,  195/55 for high performance road & track day use. The wheel is fully TUV approved for the German market demonstrating its overall strength and integrity and is supplied with a GTA centre cap and circlip.

  • Weighs only 7.6KG
  • TUV Certified

“Thank you for the shipment of the wheels.  I got them today on Saturday.  My wife and I could not believe how beautiful those GTA Veloce Supperleggera wheels look.  We were both blown away.  These wheels looks awesome!  I got the other items you sent inside the wheels.  Your service to the U.S. is extremely fast.  It is the fastest service I have ever gotten from anyone.  I order items from all over the U.S. and even my own state, and it is never this fast.

Thank you.  I will be ordering more things from you in the near future.  I am extremely please with all the items in my order.  Thank you for all the advice you and Max provided with the decision of getting these wheels.  Take care.”

Carlos Rodriguez