Alfaholics Race Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Kit

£225.00 GBP (ex vat)

RCE6005 | RCE6005/RHD

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This kit is designed to convert RHD cars to fit a racing clutch master cylinder. It is perfectly suited to both road and circuit use.

Fits directly to original chassis points, uses original mounting bolts, requires no additional fabrication or drilling.

Can also be used to convert cable clutch cars to hydraulic set up.

This kit has several main advantages over the original Alfa set up:-

  1. Quality of master cylinder is superior to reproduction Alfa unit.
  2. Cost of replacement master cylinder nearly half that of reproduction Alfa unit.
  3. Master cylinders available locally wordwide.
  4. Master cylinders extremely simple to overhaul with cheap rebuild kits readily available.
  5. Kit includes braided clutch line which connects master cylinder directly to slave cylinder, thereby removing necessity for clumsy copper pipe and flexi hose set up. It features swivel ends for ease of fitment.
  6. FIA legal for appendix J racing.
  7. Different bore master cylinders can be bought – useful if converting to race twin plate clutch set up or experimenting with different pedal weight.

Kit includes beautifully made and TIG welded bracket, finished in top quality black powder coating, adapter rod to connect Alfa clutch pedal rod to Girling master cylinder, Girling master cylinder and top quality braided clutch line.

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