Alfaholics Twinspark Programmable Distributor

£1,995.00 GBP (ex vat)


Exclusive Alfaholics production, CNC machined housing mounted with 2x USB programmable 123 ignition modules to drive 2 coils. Supplied complete with 8 point cap & rotor. This unit can be used on 75/164 based twinspark conversions to give an authentic GTA look to the ignition system, or can be used on genuine GTAs looking for an improved ignition system but will require the GTA oil pump being converted to a normal peg drive shaft from spline shaft, or GTA oilpump replaced with a Nord oil pump. The distributor is loaded with a base-map to get the engine running, but will require optimisation on a rolling road to get the correct ignition setting for individual engines.

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