Alfaholics 1300 Race Crankshaft

£3,500.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics and developed using the very latest knowledge in crank design to run safely at up to 9,500rpm! The oil gallery design has been greatly improved to provide better oil flow to the bearings at high revs.

The counterweights have been optimized, both in terms of mass and design, to ensure that the piston and rod assembly is accurately counterweighted all the way to 9,500rpm. If the crank is being used in bigger bore applications, for example in single-seaters, heavy metal inserts can be fitted to the holes in the webs to match the higher piston mass and maintain perfect counterweighting.

The original ‘half moon’ system for locating the flywheel bolts has been replaced with direct threading of the crank using M10 bolts for improved strength. The crank is supplied nitrided.

All our products are race proven and are developed to meet the same high performance criteria and exacting tolerances that we require.

What’s Included

  • 1x 1300 Race Crankshaft

Technical Details

Models 101/105 Series Cars With A 1300 Nord Engine
FeaturesSuperior Oil Gallery Design
Finish Nitride
Weight 14.6 (kg)
Material Billet 722M24 (EN40B Aerospace Grade Steel)