Alfaholics Throttle Body Injection System for Twinspark

£2,500.00 GBP (ex vat)


Following the huge success of our 3-D mapped ignition system, we have introduced this new system for full fuel injection control. It uses a pair of high quality throttle bodies combined with air temperature, coolant temperature, & throttle position to control both fuelling and ignition.  We have carefully selected injectors which are rated to 250BHP in a 4 cylinder application to ensure that the injector flow rate is optimised for Twinspark application. Many ‘off the shelf’ injectors are rated to 185BHP which is inadequate, whilst the common ‘next size up’ injector is rated to over 300BHP, which causes poor fuel atomisation at low revs in the Alfa application

The kit comes complete with a universal wiring loom, ECU, coil packs, amplifiers, fuel rail, all sensors and programming book. We can supply a start-up map so that your car will start and run from the minute you install it, but you should always have your engine professionally mapped on a rolling road to optimise the fuelling and ignition settings.

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