Alfaholics 6-Pot Brake Kit

£1,500.00 GBP (ex vat)


Exclusively designed and manufactured for Alfaholics, this kit represents the ultimate braking for extreme trackday & full race 105 series cars!

This kit has been prototyped and perfected over the last 2 seasons on the Alfaholics 2.0 Sprint GT Racer to provide the very highest braking power and consistency under the most strenuous race conditions.

The rotor is 20mm larger in diameter than our 4-pot kit, increasing the total surface area by 20%, and the width is increased by 8%. This results in even higher braking force, modulation and improved heat dissipation. During development we were not happy with the weight of normal off the shelf rotors in this larger size, so we had our own rotors designed and manufactured. The results are a 25% weight saving over similar off the shelf rotors and with further improved cooling characteristics.

The caliper features 2 smaller leading pistons and a larger trailing piston; this ensures zero taper wear occurs when the elevated temperatures seen in racing leave the pads most susceptible to taper wear. By using 6 pistons per caliper we have been able to increase the pad surface area by 25% from that used in our 4-pot kit, this not only results in increased stopping power and longer pad life but also helps to control pad temperatures under full race conditions. The caliper has been designed to be as large as possible in certain critical areas to maximise rigidity and has been designed specifically to fit inside the Alfaholics 7×15” GTA wheel range (or larger).

This kit, however, is not only for full race cars, it is also the ultimate solution for trackday cars looking for the very best in non-servoed braking. The Alfaholics 6-Pot brake kit is only compatible with non-original master cylinder systems with optimised bore diameters.

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