Alfaholics Competition Synchromesh Ring

£120.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

These synchro rings have been used in multiple championship winning cars including our U2TC FIA 1600 GTA.

Designed to give a faster and smoother gear change than was possible with genuine OEM Alfa rings to make a product more suitable for competition use. OEM synchro rings took time to bed in and get a fast and smooth gear change; typically period of time in which 300-500 miles would be covered.

Of course for competition use, 300-500 miles bedding in period is not ideal and the last thing you want is a slow gear change in qualifying on a freshly installed gearbox. Realistically a typical race gearbox will only see 500-1000 miles between scheduled maintenance rebuilds or a competition rally car 2000-5000 miles.

The design of our synchro ring will ensure perfect gear changes from the very first gear change leaving the pit lane and regular servicing our works cars over the past 8 years has proven a life span well exceeding those typical service intervals.

What’s Included

  • 1x Competition synchromesh ring